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PR and SEO are two major parts of marketing

Clarity of Event Details

Firstly one should do enough research to have an action plan for publicising the event. For this first step is to clearly list the details of the event to make it easy for a press piece to tune in readers.This should include details about the event, prices, offers and highlights.This can include something unique that has never happened before to catch the attention.

Press Pitch and Timing

The most important task is making a lucrative press pitch and starting the process at the right time. Make an engaging and interesting story of the cause you are promoting so that the media pursues you and not the other way around.This will automatically attract press coverage and make sure the pitch is prepared and sent a month before the event so that the media gets enough time.

Hook Messaging

A hook message can be in the form headline, image, a thought provoking idea, videos, something that adds relevance to the event, something which glues the readers.


To maximise the results it is important to know who is likely to attend and cover your event. Once that is clear you can search which writers, authors, editors to focus on for the event. Keep the emails in check and prepare an event media list. Remember to include local publications to anyone relevant in your research.


One of the cheaper forms of coverage is blogs since it’s published on your own website. Make sure to include some exclusive information that people would not get in the media otherwise.


Involving the PR team to help you circulate the newsletters to create a media alert about the event is one of the efficient ways to create a buzz in the market. It is an effective way to direct traffic. Newsletters are also great to share on social media and do direct communication with people.

Use a celebrity guest

This will create more traction for the event and help you with better coverage. If some known person or performer who is relevant to the event promotes the event the people will come automatically. He doesn’t have to be someone very famous but someone who is a leader in his field be it in business, politics or social work. This will also help get more media journalists who have interviewed the performers and guests in the event earlier.

SOE and Hashtags

Paying attention to what appears on the search list while the audience searches is important. Make sure you write the relevant keywords which will direct the audience towards your piece. Even putting relevant hashtags is important and the one which is constantly used so that it generates engagement and helps creating a niche which promotes the event better.

Create PR assets

The press wants to engage the readers and you can assist them by offering visuals, videos, pictures from previous events, speakers or performers videos.

Invite Press

Give access to the media by giving them access to event. This would help in them covering the event, giving live coverage to the event.

Promotions can be tricky but with right strategic planning, foresight and apt timing it can be efficiently executed. There is no specific way to promote, each event is different and it will take trial and error on the part of the organizers to ensure good results.

Why PR is crucial for SEO?

Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization are two major parts of marketing.

No one can deny the importance of marketing. Since, everything is within a single click, the audience has more exposure to big brands, and therefore one should know how to create their own identity through marketing. Many brands put a lot of effort in SEO but an effective strategy to make PR and SEO work together is much more profitable.

PR plays an important role for SEO marketing. Brands work with PR and SEO separately, but once they understand that PR can enable the SEO team to work more efficiently, it becomes easier for them to handle their marketing.

A Good Brand Recognition-

No doubt that there is a very strong chance that SEO can bring you at the top searches in Google but it may just bring you at the top searches, PR makes sure that your brand establishes a mark in the market. Through a good PR, your brand becomes more trustable.
Google majorly focuses on the brand with more recognition.

Google has their emphasis on the brand which has more reviews, visits and appreciation of the public; through PR you can achieve all these aspects of marketing.

Through Links-

This is an influential method for search engines. If your content is good and well-researched, you have a good chance to get coverage in different newspapers, magazines and other reputed informational sites.
Through PR, you can manage to get links and coverage in various reputed websites.

Social Media

It is the most important platform to promote your brand. Your PR team can work with the current trends or work with influencers and bring your brand into people’s attention.
Once your PR team does this, the SEO team can work with the keywords and other essential parts. This will be very helpful for your brand to gain recognition and it will be more helpful for the brand to be approachable.

Approachable Press Releases

Press Releases are key players to keep your audience up to date with information about your brand. Therefore, the SEO team can work with the trending keywords and most searched queries and then PR team can write a suitable Press Release.
This way, PR agencies and SEO can gain success by working together.

Know your audience

Before working on any content, it is important to know for whom you are writing. This paves a way for your content writing to be more relatable, the PR team can handle this part and then the rest can be handled by the SEO. Now, the SEO team knows their audience and this limits their work.

The relevant content

Your content is your first impression for the audience. PR experts know it very well, what content your audience is interested in, they can deliver this information to the SEO experts, it becomes easy for the SEO team to work according to the content needs.

PR is all about communication with people and SEO is about making sure you remain at the top. An effective PR strategy is very crucial for SEO, and they are important to one another.

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